Avengers: Age of Ultron will deservedly be a massive success (Review)



(A movie review! We know, it’s something we’re experimenting with, let us know what you think and would you like to see more movies on CnG?)

Joss Whedon described the Avengers: Age of Ultron as “baldly, nakedly me.”

From the outset, it is crystal clear that you’re not in standard blockbuster territory. Whedon is a director who has championed sci-fi and horror throughout his career and he is unashamedly flexing those muscles with this movie.

Age of Ultron is a visual treat. It’s only dark when it has to be and the darkness is portrayed beautifully in the hallucinations of the Scarlet Witch. The movie is in 3D, and as pointless as 3D can be, it remains unobtrusive for the most part.

One thing that stands out is the choreography of handling so many characters and carnage on-screen. There’s an incredible fluidity to the battle scenes where the protagonists switch weapons…

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