Saturday Morning Cartoons for April 18, 2015

Illuminite Caliginosus

First off are some Mac & Cheese Mozzarella Bombs from Foodbeast.

Straight Outta Japan (where else?) All Nippon Airways is proud to bring us a brand spanking new Star Wars-themed airplane… and it looks like R2D2.  When you visit the page, click the View Details link for a good look at the plane.

In our Weeping for Humanity catergory comes this little gem: Uber-feminists destroying urinals to combat male chauvanism.

Which leads right into The Verge talking about a horror film from MTV that’s truly a reflection of our times: Unfriended.  You won’t know whether to laugh or cry.  I suggest turning off the computer and going for a walk in the sunshine.

Other trailers on the queue: Batman vs Superman- Dawn of Justice.  Aside from my lack of confidence in Zack Snyder, there’s the unanswered question of which Batman is this?  He hasn’t been rebooted yet…

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