Galaxy Quest Is Getting Turned Into a TV Show

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Never give up! Never surrender! You see that tiny picture on the middle of the banner, bottom left of the M? That’s Galaxy Quest. According to Deadline, Paramount is creating a TV Show adaptation of that.

Galaxy Quest (1999) follows a group of washed-up actors, who used to play in a Star Trek-like series called, you guessed it, Galaxy Quest. They attend conventions, and replay the roles they’ve grown beyond tired of, only because they can’t get any other acting jobs. That is, until they get recruited by a group of aliens who based all their technology on the very same show they used to play in.

Despite doing rather underwhelming back when it came out, Galaxy Quest has grown to become one of the more beloved nerdy cult comedies out there. It was a sci-fi parody poking fun at the tropes of the genre (mainly from Star…

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