The Judge (2014) Movie Review



Iron Man takes off his suit to become a lawyer and defend his court Judge father. Sign me up.

Hank Palmer (Robert Downey. Jr) is a big city lawyer, one of the best, who returns to his small hometown after his mother dies. Being apart from his family for such a long time has caused tension and estranged relationships so he isn’t exactly welcomed back by everyone, especially not his father Judge Joseph Palmer (Robert Duvall).

After the funeral, Hank and his brothers go for a drink at their local bar while their father claims to go out for groceries. The morning after, when Hank is due to leave, he discovers a dent in his father’s car. As details of the incident begin to unravel, Joseph, the town’s main judge, is suspected of murder. Trying to piece back his relationship with his family and the people in town, Hank stays…

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Suing the Avengers


I know, heavy title. Just so you know I am up for the task and before I delve into my reasoning for suing the Avengers, let me just give you a background.

People!!! You should watch The Avengers: Age of Ultron, and sue the Avengers. I really wish I was joking.

I am not a movie critic so I can’t give professional advice on how good it was but I went to the watch it with my younger brother at the cinema and I must say, it was fun. The rest of the audience seemed to like it too; laughing, oohing and awwing when appropriate. This is despite the reviews and friends blatantly saying “It’s crap and overrated, don’t watch it”. I am happy to inform you that we didn’t bow to peer pressure and we had a totally awesome time with the bottle of water and ice cream I…

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Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck (2015)

Five-Line Film Reviews

Fans of Nirvana can gain a sense of solace as the authorized documentary of Kurt Cobain has been finally released on HBO. The mystery of his demise has been compiled into segments of animations, video reels, pictures, drawings, and band performances- from when he was a baby to the height of Nirvana. In my opinion of the interviews, I found that his mother was drawing too much attention to herself by exaggerating her side of the story, while his father looked nervous and only wanted to say good things about him. It was in the conviction of his friends and stepmother did I believe that they were really telling it like it was. Just as Cobain was truthful, blunt, and unforgiving, the documentary unapologetically leaves nothing behind, hidden, or untouched from Cobain’s life.

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The Shining (1980)

Rhyme and Reason

A lonely hotel is a dangerous thing,
At least in the works of an author named King,
For no one can know what occurs in the mind
When volatile men are annoyed and confined.
They say, like Jack Torrance, the winter caretaker,
That past tragedies are no sign or deal breaker.
He’s simply too sane for such things to occur;
His wife is the same, and he’d never hurt her.
But get them alone in a desolate maze
And watch them get worse with the passing of days
And cringe as the dread and the wickedness weave,
For those at the Overlook may never leave.

The only part of this Stephen King adaptation I’d seen previously was the snippets of the most famous scenes in Twister. Oh, and countless parodies of that infamous send-up of Johnny Carson’s introduction. Not being a fan of…

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VoK 203: Avengers Age of Ultron [Movie Review]

Vassals of Kingsgrave

mexican ultron

In this Cinco De Mayo special, the crew split themselves up into Mexican and French side to bring both a Spoiler Free and Spoiler Filled review of the new Avenger Age of Ultron.

0:00: Spoiler Free review with Beric175, Teddard and Fortytwo
23:00: Spoiler Filled review with Amin, White Raven, EastTexasDirewold, Amberrocks and Fortytwo

Edited by Vikram (fortytwo)
Hosts: Amin,Beric175,Teddard,White Raven, EastTexasDirewold, Amberrocks and Fortytwo
Music: Gablé , BoxCat

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The Avengers Age of Ultron

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I went to see the new Avengers movie and loved it.  The storyline and idea that artificial intelligence can be sentient or able to make decisions on their own is interesting.  The interaction between the team members is clever.  It is especially amusing how Captain America gets after Iron Man for his language and then refers to Fury as …. the offspring of a female dog.  😉  The interaction between Bruce and Tony when they are working together in the lab is funny too.

I like how we find out Clint/Hawkeye has a family, and I like the interaction between Dr. Banner/Hulk and Natasha/Black Widow.  It’s touching how neither one of them feels like they can have a normal life.  What happens to Pietro/Quicksilver is sad, but touching also.  Thor is his usual gorgeous self.  As always, Tony Stark/Iron Man is my favorite.  Robert Downey, Jr. is in his element…

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