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Fans of Nirvana can gain a sense of solace as the authorized documentary of Kurt Cobain has been finally released on HBO. The mystery of his demise has been compiled into segments of animations, video reels, pictures, drawings, and band performances- from when he was a baby to the height of Nirvana. In my opinion of the interviews, I found that his mother was drawing too much attention to herself by exaggerating her side of the story, while his father looked nervous and only wanted to say good things about him. It was in the conviction of his friends and stepmother did I believe that they were really telling it like it was. Just as Cobain was truthful, blunt, and unforgiving, the documentary unapologetically leaves nothing behind, hidden, or untouched from Cobain’s life.

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Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck (2015)

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