Writing is Fun-damental-- from Gwendolyn Hoff

Forever Mastadon ~ Episode 146

As the post-war world revolves on, the devil is doing what demons do and the struggles to overcome his influence go on…

Pentateuch is unaware of how close he is to the Laboratory Schools and the basement hideaway of Martin Kamen and Willard Libby. If nothing else, the Dark Deceiver will transform this place into a Halloween favorite, if not the coldest place on the block.

He has summoned L. Dick Cannon to his new Chicago digs; he just won’t be getting the top-to-bottom house tour afforded to those who can stomach the hellish undertones of Pentateuch. Cannon is his new pet project, the upright D. Joseph Winters perfecting the art of lies and using this deluded human fanatic as a launching pad for more of his carnal crap.

L Dick Cannon-001Pet-Project

“This is one grand house Mr. Winters,” Cannon gushes over an oversized fixer-upper.

“Yes it…

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