Set Dressing We Are Not

Macamedia Nut

Judging by the media buzz surrounding the Shit People Say to Women Directors (& Other Women in Film) blog this week one might think sexism in the film and television industry is a fresh revelation. I guess the surprise, if it’s genuine, is comforting, because perhaps it explains the collective shrug this issue gets on a regular basis.

As a woman who has worked on various television shows and films I can tell you that the fast-paced world of media production is conducive to abuse in general. Time is money. HR departments are sometimes all but non-existent, the culture permits blunt insult and hierarchical tyranny, and vindictiveness silences many. Of course, there are plenty of wonderful people as well, but in no other environment have I seen such a dearth of consequence for abysmal treatment of one’s coworkers. Civility is often the first casualty of a stressful production environment. If you want to thicken your skin, work…

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