Supergirl is here, but can she save her own teaser trailer?


Supergirl is here, but can she save her own teaser trailer?Our first look at Supergirl, CBS’s attempt to breathe new life into DC Comic’s legendary heroine, is here, and depending on who you ask it’s either the most delightful video you’ll see all day,

or a disaster waiting to premiere.

Check out the video above, because there’s plenty of spoile

rs below.

Kara Zor-El, the aforementioned Supergirl, is a 24 year-old coming to grips with her own superpowers. The entire 6 minute, 30 second teaser is a highly contrived affair that is clearly meant to evoke several classic movies and television shows. Let’s tally up the references, shall we?

First, there’s definitely some The Devil Wears Prada in here, with Calista Flockhart playing Kara’s overbearing fashionista boss, Cat Grant. But there’s also a weird roommate dynamic as well. We seem to have a little bit of Don’t Trust the B—-…

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