“St. Vincent” Movie Review

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Vincent (Bill Murray) is grouchy, unhappy, broke. People don’t like him, and he doesn’t like people. He gambles, drinks, hires “ladies of the night” (Daka, played by Naomi Watts), and smokes.

st vincentMaggie (Melissa McCarthy) and her son Oliver (Jaeden Lieberher) move next door to Vincent. Maggie is a newly single mom with a full-time job. Oliver is left to his own after school.

One day, the school bullies take Oliver’s clothes, wallet, cell phone, and money. Oliver has to walk home in his gym clothes and asks Vincent if he can use his phone to call his mom. One thing leads to another and Vincent is hired as Oliver’s “babysitter” after school.

Vincent picks Oliver up at school and takes him on his errands….to the race track (Belmont), to the bar, and, surprisingly, to a long term care facility where he dotes on his wife who…

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Man of Steel Is Better Than Most Marvel Flicks

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Having just re-watched Man of Steel, and it has aged SUPERBLY. These past two years, filled with nothing but Marvel-this and Marvel-that, have kind of desensitized me to the notion of a superhero movie actually having stakes. Thankfully, after my re-visitation of Man of Steel, I now remember why we need heroes in the first place.2840438-bg

Marvel movies range from great fun to shitty. Captain America: TWS and Iron Man 1 fall into the former, while Age of Ultron claims the latter title like its a trophy. But, regardless of their individual merits and pitfalls, the one overarching issue is that the stakes are never high in any of them. Ever. Mainly because A.) they’re Marvel and don’t want to go dark, and B.) they need to keep everyone happy and healthy for the MCU inter-connectivity to be sustained. And that means that none of the movies can…

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Tropic Of The Week #2: The Other Batman Vs. Superman Movie


Everyone’s looking forward to the new Dawn Of Justice movie. People can crib about Ben Affleck being Batman all they want, but we’re all anticipating the movie just as eagerly as any other. In all probability, Affleck will also put in a blockbuster of a performance. But the movie won’t be coming to cinemas before March next year, and until then, we have time to examine another great movie featuring a full blown battle between Batman and Superman.

I’m talking about the two part animation series – The Dark Knight Returns. This article won’t contain any major spoilers, for the benefit of those who haven’t yet watched the movie. At the same time I hope I can discuss the major plot events and bring out the major characteristics of the Batman, the Joker and even the Superman.

The movie’s set between the two Dark Knight movies (The Dark Knight & The…

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Fun with Franchises: Our Favorite Images from The Marvel Universe – The Avengers

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One of the recurring features that we do in Fun with Franchises (a feature within a feature) is, after we finish watching a film, we go through and pick out our favorite images from that film. These images could be anything from really famous images from the film or franchise, really beautifully composed shots, shots that are funny to us because of the facial expressions being made in them or because of what we said about them in the article in which they appeared, or simply because they have boobs in them.

How we do this is, in the same way we watch the films, Colin and I separately pick out about ten to fifteen shots that we really liked. (This typically ends up being him picking out around 30 and me having around 70.) Then we compare lists, and whichever ones we both chose automatically make our final list. Everything else…

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