An American Version Of Hogwarts? J.K. Rowling Drops Hints On Twitter

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Harry Potter fans have long since known that Hogwarts isn’t the only school for witchcraft and wizardry around, but now, J.K. Rowling is confirming the existence of an American wizarding school — and no, it’s definitely not the institution that you’re thinking it is!

Rowling dropped hints of an American wizarding school via an impromptu Twitter Q&A when one fan asked if the Salem Witches’ Institute was like Hogwarts’ U.S. counterpart. As diehard Potter fans are sure to remember, Harry briefly learns of the school during his trip to the Quidditch World Cup in Goblet of Fire, and since its brief mention in the series, many fans have long since speculated that the Salem Witches’ Institute is to magical children in the U.S. what Hogwarts is for magical children abroad. Now, however, we know that’s simply not the case.

“The Salem Witches’ Institute isn’t a school, but a joke on the…

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