Revisiting Star Wars: A New Hope

The Sonia Show

Yeah, so, I made it through the “Star Wars” prequels. This means I now get to watch the original trilogy, which makes me really happy, because I love the original trilogy. Obviously.


Sadly, I don’t own the ORIGINAL original trilogy. I own the “special edition” trilogy with all the extra shit that George Lucas added. The movies didn’t need all the extra digital creatures and added scenes. The movies were great just the way they were. Like a lot of folks, I would prefer to watch the non-special editions, the versions I grew up watching, because I don’t like things messing with my memories, but I don’t have those, so special edition it is.

I haven’t sat down and watched “Star Wars: A New Hope” in a while. It’s been several years, for sure. I know that Spike TV airs the “Star Wars” movies on a loop, and occasionally I’ll leave it…

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