Sir Christopher Lee (Tribute)

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Sir Christopher Lee ( Tribute ).

Born Christopher Frank Caradini Lee on the 27th may 1922 in Belgravia London England.

He passed away on the 7th of june 2015 in Chelsea London England due to Respiratory Problems and Heart Failure. He passed away at 8:30 am on 7th june 2015 at the Chelsea and Westminster hospital.

He has starred in the original Dracula movies he has also starred in all the load of the rings including the spin offs hobbits he also starred in star wars episode 3 revenge of the sith in 2005 years active 1946-2015.

Sir Christopher Lee was an actor singer and author he has also received a (CStJ) wich means commander of the venerable order of st John and a (CBE) which means commander of the British Empire.

He was knighted for his outstanding work and services to drama in 2009.

Had also served in the…

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Aaron Paul is the Coolest Human on the Planet

The Average Nobodies

Last night I was celebrating my one year anniversary with my lovely girlfriend. We wwnt to one of our favorite sushi spots in Boston, Fin’s (In Kenmore Square). It was an ordinary night until we went to pay the check. I looked down at my phone after signing the bill and what do I see, but a Periscope notification that Aaron Paul was live. Usually I don’t click on periscope notifications, because I get a ton all the time (Seriously Periscope, chill out), but I had the urge to see what Mr. Pinkman was up to. Come to find out he was in our neck of the woods and was inviting his fans to come see ‘Mad Max’ with him! We dashed out of the restaurant and down the street to the Regal Cinema in Fenway. Just like he said he would be, we found Aaron hanging out outside the theater…

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The park is open – a Jurassic World review

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Ian Malcolm once famously told John Hammond that he was making all new mistakes in response to the elderly entrepreneur’s claims that he wasn’t repeating his previous fatal errors. While Malcolm may have been proven correct, at least Hammond was aware of his past failures. Flash forward two decades and apparently those who inherited InGen chose to completely ignore what happened the last time an attempt was made to get a dinosaur safari park off the ground, because this time they are most assuredly making the same mistakes again!
Thankfully though, that doesn’t extend beyond the fictional reality of the narrative to the filmmakers themselves. Director Colin Trevorrow and his production team at Universal have taken stock of what worked and what didn’t in the franchise’s first three outings to craft an action-packed, adrenaline-fuelled rollercoaster ride of a summer blockbuster. Jurassic World is a resounding success both as a sequel and as a standalone adventure.

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Jim Varney (Tribute).

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Jim Varney.

Born as James Albert Varney JR on the 15th june 1949 in Lexington, Kentucky USA.

He passed away at the age of 50 in February 10th 2000 in White House Tennessee.The cause of his death was caused by lung cancer. Years active 1976-2000.

He was one of the most funniest guys this world has ever seen he brought us some great movies including the Ernest box set and two of the biggest animation movies from disney toy story one and two as slinky dog.

He is burried in Lexington Cemetery Lexingham Kentucky god rest his soul.

I loved every one of his filmes he was in especially the Ernest box set he always makes me laugh.

R.I.P jim varney maybe 15 years to late but I hope I did you justice.

Viper out.


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Movie Review: Jurassic World (2015)

A Clockwork Submarine

Spoilers for all of Jurassic World. But it doesn’t matter, because you shouldn’t see it (at least in the theater — seriously, don’t pay for this movie) and also, you already know what happens (and you haven’t even seen the movie yet).

Chris Pratt, Raptor Wrangler (Whisperer) Chris Pratt: Raptor Wrangler/Whisperer

There were many, many reasons I wanted to see this movie. The biggest of them being the fact that I love the original movie, Jurassic Park, endlessly. Not just because of my huge crush on Sam Neill, but also because it’s a surprisingly feminist movie. Laura Dern’s character, Dr. Ellie Sattler is pretty awesome in every way (what a great person to look up to!). She doesn’t need Ian Malcolm (Jeff Goldblum) or Alan Grant (the aforementioned Sam Neill) to save or rescue her. She’s smart and also quite a badass. And then you have Ariana Richards’ Lex Murphy. She’s afraid of the…

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