Yes, it’s yet another movie out of Sundance with a socially awkward teenage protagonist coming of age and documenting his experience in a college application essay. Just one thing: this time the kid in question is black, lives in Ingleside, and his troubles are a bit bigger than whether the quirky girl likes him or not.

The movie is Dope, which does double-duty as both title and description. The boy is Malcolm (Shameik Moore), a ’90s obsessed geek living on a modern-day neighborhood called “The Bottoms”, which is as promising as it sounds. He and his friends Diggy (Kiersey Clemons) and Jib (Tony Revolori) have a ska-punk band called Awreeoh (with songs by co-producer Pharrell Williams), and Malcolm wants to take his straight-As off to Harvard, which his principal (Bruce Beatty) helpfully tells him is never going to happen.

Then one day some gang member bullies try to steal…

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