“Inside Out” : Finding My Joy

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Sweet emotions is exactly what Disney’s new movie “Inside Out” brought out in me. I took my kids to see “Inside out” in 3D this weekend. To sum up but not give it all away, it is the story of a girl that loses her joy. ( The emotion of Joy as well as other emotions are personified in the movie.) All her childhood memories turn into sadness. As she grows up things in her life change and her happiest memories turn sad.

Through the movie all I could think about was, “Will my children lose their happy childhood memories as they grow older?” “Will I lose my sweet happy babies to melancholy, brooding teenagers devoid of emotion?” Then it happened right there in 3D the tears started to come, then faster then I could wipe them away. I was crying. An adult surrounded by children, in a kids…

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Tom Holland is the New Spider-Man for the Marvel/Sony Reboot


After weeks of speculation, casting shortlists, and rumored front runners, the search for a new Spider-Man is over. Tom Holland, who is best known for his performance in The Impossible, is our new Spider-Man. The 19 year old actor is a good choice, and like Marvel producer Kevin Feige and Sony producer Amy Pascal, I too was impressed with his performance in The Impossible (along side Naomi Watts).

Furthermore, the official press release (below) also reveals that Jon Watts will direct the standalone film rumored to be titled Spider-Man: The New Avenger, which takes place within the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I’m not familiar with Watts’s work as a director, as I’m sure many people are as well. This is one of those cases where I have to put my confidence in Kevin Feige, who has found small time directors to give us brilliant stories in the M.C.U. and…

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New Spider-Man Cast! On This Totally Random Tuesday!


Our new Marvel Cinematic Universe Spider-Man is going to be Tom Holland! I’ve never heard of him, but apparently he’s appeared in The Impossible and Wolf Hall, which I assume are movies!

Still would have preferred Miles Morales

The next Spider-Man movie is also going to be directed by a guy named Jon Watts, who has worked on almost nothing! He’s got a movie, Cop Car, coming out soon. Maybe Marvel saw a preview and liked it? Or maybe they saw his credits working on The Onion News Network? I don’t know.

I just find it very curious that this casting was announced today, a random Tuesday at the end of June.

It’s not like anything else important was happening today…possibly involving Marvel’s biggest competitor…


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REMEMBERING: The Legacy of James Horner

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Written by Co-Host, Christopher Moore

Written well, music gives voice to a film, an emotional voice that elevates the film and makes it remarkable. I consider myself privileged to have been aware of music early enough in my childhood to appreciate its impact as it related to my enjoyment of a film. This includes the work of maestro James Horner. Earlier this year, when Leonard Nimoy died, I played music from Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan in memoriam. As if that symmetry wasn’t enough, Horner scored an aviation documentary that Harrison Ford narrated. Ford recently survived a plane crash, while tragic irony finds us losing Horner in similar circumstances.

JamesHornerMontagesmmm James Horner leaves behind a legacy of soundtracks that brought films to life.

Regardless of the circumstances, when you let music into your life, wherever it comes, from and however it appears, it’s a pretty special experience. Horner’s work punctuated…

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Marvel and Sony Pictures cast new Spider-Man

Via Marvel.com:

Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios Find Their ‘Spider-Man’ Star and Director

Tom Holland Cast as the Web-Slinger, Jon Watts to Direct the Next Spider-Man Adventure.

Tom Holland Spider-Man British actor Tom Holland will replace Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker/Spider-Man.

Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios are proud to announce that after a full worldwide casting search, Tom Holland will play Peter Parker/Spider-Man in the next Spider-Man film, in theaters in IMAX and 3D on July 28, 2017.  The film will be directed by Jon Watts, director of “Cop Car,” the upcoming thriller that made its debut earlier this year at the Sundance Film Festival.

Marvel and Sony Pictures, and producers Kevin Feige and Amy Pascal conducted an extensive search for both the actor and the director.  The studios and producers were impressed by Holland’s performances in “The Impossible,” “Wolf Hall,” and the upcoming “In the Heart of the Sea,” and by a…

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This Week In Oscars: Well That’s A Pretty Safe Bet

Hendel Off The Handle

Contrary to popular belief, “Oscar Season” is not just Labor Day to Christmas. Eligibility is year-round, and so we cannot escape it!

Despite being bested at the box office bythe next mutation of a money-making empire, Inside Outscored the biggest opening ever for an original (non-sequel, non-sourced properties). That’s a few qualifiers, but it’s still pretty cool. It also received critical praise typically expected from a masterful dissertation or from witnessing aurora borealis for the first time.

What’s that look like for Winter, 2016? As Sadness would say, “The smaller movies from smaller studios never stood a chance against the largest entertainment corporation the world has ever seen.” Even if Inside Outwasn’t being hailed as top-tier Pixar, the company is easy Oscar gold. Since the creation of the Best Animated Feature category in 2001, Pixar has been nominatednine times, having only lost twice when

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