Written by Co-Host, Christopher Moore

Written well, music gives voice to a film, an emotional voice that elevates the film and makes it remarkable. I consider myself privileged to have been aware of music early enough in my childhood to appreciate its impact as it related to my enjoyment of a film. This includes the work of maestro James Horner. Earlier this year, when Leonard Nimoy died, I played music from Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan in memoriam. As if that symmetry wasn’t enough, Horner scored an aviation documentary that Harrison Ford narrated. Ford recently survived a plane crash, while tragic irony finds us losing Horner in similar circumstances.

JamesHornerMontagesmmm James Horner leaves behind a legacy of soundtracks that brought films to life.

Regardless of the circumstances, when you let music into your life, wherever it comes, from and however it appears, it’s a pretty special experience. Horner’s work punctuated…

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REMEMBERING: The Legacy of James Horner

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