This Week In Oscars: Well That’s A Pretty Safe Bet

Hendel Off The Handle

Contrary to popular belief, “Oscar Season” is not just Labor Day to Christmas. Eligibility is year-round, and so we cannot escape it!

Despite being bested at the box office bythe next mutation of a money-making empire, Inside Outscored the biggest opening ever for an original (non-sequel, non-sourced properties). That’s a few qualifiers, but it’s still pretty cool. It also received critical praise typically expected from a masterful dissertation or from witnessing aurora borealis for the first time.

What’s that look like for Winter, 2016? As Sadness would say, “The smaller movies from smaller studios never stood a chance against the largest entertainment corporation the world has ever seen.” Even if Inside Outwasn’t being hailed as top-tier Pixar, the company is easy Oscar gold. Since the creation of the Best Animated Feature category in 2001, Pixar has been nominatednine times, having only lost twice when

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