Chris Pine And Zachary Quinto Could Boldy Continue Their Space Bromance In A Fourth ‘Star Trek’ Movie


Premiere Of Paramount Pictures' "Star Trek Into Darkness" - Red Carpet

The third rebooted Star Trek movie, Star Trek Beyond, started shooting in Vancouver yesterday and now we’ve learned that there could be something beyond that. Stars Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto have apparently signed on for a possible fourth movie in addition to getting a pay raise.

That’s a pretty good vote of confidence after the rocky path that the finally-in-production third movie has taken, losing Roberto Orci as the director and enlisting Justin Lin in his place, then getting one of the movie’s stars, Simon Pegg, to rework the script with Doug Jung. But Paramount is now clearing the way for another movie, so maybe things worked out for the best.

Or maybe it’s a matter of capitalizing on a good thing that is still making a buttload of money. While some people may not have liked it, Star Trek Into Darkness earned $467 million and made Pine…

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