Watch ‘Max’ Stars Lauren Graham, Josh Wiggins, And More Try To Name Famous Dogs — Including The One From ‘Gilmore Girls’

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The cast of Max may have become well-acquainted with the movie’s own canine, but how up to speed are they on some of the most famous pups in Hollywood?

We put stars Lauren Graham, Thomas Haden Church, Josh Wiggins, and director Boaz Yakin to the test with a game of “Name That Dog,” to find out whether they could identify some of most iconic furry — and a few not-so-furry — faces around.

While some whizzed through the game — easily naming the dogs we showed them, Graham found herself in the hot seat when we quizzed her with a photo of Lorelai’s four-legged friend from Gilmore Girls.

“I can not tell you,” said Graham, who was visibly stumped for a moment.

Watch the video below to see how the actors fared during the game and to find out if Graham ultimately remembered the name of her Gilmore companion:

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