*warning for spoilers*

I have been a huge jurassic park fan since i saw the first movie, and when i heard they were making jurassic world i had a mini freak out, not only is it my favourite movie ever but it had one of the best scores i’ve ever heard besides alien along with incredible acting from sam neill, laura dern and jeff goldblum and i was really hoping this new film would be good, it didn’t disappoint!

The film is based around john hammond’s original idea for jurassic park which went south after all the dinosaurs attacked people but this time its a fully functioning theme park/ safari experience, but returns have dropped and made a hybrid dino that was scarier and bigger but the dinos smart and escapes which basically turns the park to shit.




so first the cast i really thought choosing chris pratt was…

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The Terminator Is Still An Awesome Movie

Ah the ’80s! A time when one man could purchase an armory of weapons with no questions asked and your hair was a suitable replacement for a motorcycle helmet. I’m so happy that I found The Terminator on Netflix. I’ve seen the movie plenty of times before on TV, but this was the first time I’ve sat through it beginning to end uncut. Watching this again made me realize that I remember Terminator 2: Judgement Day much better than the original, so there was a decent bit of it that I didn’t recall too well (it’s also been quite a while). My memories of the Terminator movies aside, I guess the real question is: Does it still hold up? I say, hell yea it does!

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