The B+ Movie Guide: Part XIX

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In May of 2012, Colin said I should make a list of movies that need to be seen, because he felt there were huge gaps in what he’d seen, and wanted something to do. The idea was that I’d make up a list, as “homework” for him, and he’d use that as things to watch.

So we came up with a giant list of 500 movies that worked, and Colin went about finishing it. And now that it’s finished, we’re gonna write it up. Because you don’t watch a giant list of movies without documenting that you did it.

We’re going through the entire list, little by little, for posterity’s sake. And here’s the next set:

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“Mr. Holmes” Review

Pulling on the Push Door

Mr._Holmes_posterGenre films find most of their value and merit in transcending their respective genre, using it as a launching point, a familiar and comfortable language with which to convey far greater meaning. Interstellar succeeds because it is just as much a family drama, a tale of one man’s love for his daughter, as it is a deep-space adventure. The Thin Red Line haunts viewers because though it follows war film conventions it places primary emphasis on the metaphysical and spiritual longings of the men fighting the battle of Guadalcanal. In the same vein, Mr. Holmes, while technically a mystery, finds its true power as a sobering and touching reflection on a great man’s inexorable march towards death. As one critic astutely observed, in the midst of a summer season typically committed to making superheroes into immortal figures, Bill Condon’s powerful little film is too busy reminding us of…

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The best parts of Wet Hot American Summer

James Derry

WHAS4Back in 2001, Wet Hot American Summer became one of my all-time favorite comedies. I think it’s the only DVD I ever rented more than once (Remember video stores? The ones other than Blockbuster?). I even listened to the DVDs commentary track, which was pretty hilarious. With all that said, I’m as surprised as anyone that Netflix has brought the movie back for a prequel series, 14 years after it settled into its cult status.

If you’ve never seen the original movie, I say check it out. I’d also suggest you be forewarned, this is one of those bits of art that is fairly divisive. It’s like the cinematic version of a Vampire Weekend or a Velvet Underground album. You’ll either fall in love in the first 10 minutes, or you’ll scratch your head and wonder what all the fuss is about.

WHAS_castAt the very least, you’ll be shocked by…

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M NIGHT not so Wayward in new show


Director M. Night Shyamalan poses for portrait during the 2015 Comic-Con International Convention in San Diego, California July 9, 2015. REUTERS/Mario Anzuoni Director M. Night Shyamalan poses for portrait during the 2015 Comic-Con International Convention in San Diego, California July 9, 2015. REUTERS/Mario Anzuoni

For years, the legendary M Night Shyamalan has lost his luster.. gone were the hits and surprise endings.. And in were the critics who slammed him for lame story lines and hackneyed tales and fables.

WAYWARD PINES was different..
Since the inception of the show, ratings were strong.

Viewers seemingly have become content with NIGHT’s PINES after ten episodes–something people were pondering, would viewers accept his style after so many busts at the box office..? They did.

The program has already covered Blake Crouch’s entire trilogy.. But rumors persist: If FOX wants more, there are ideas..  There are also rumored ‘preliminary’ discussions about the program and whether more are coming..

FOX may see ratings and get ideas. The series began strong–and ended strong. The show was strong throughout…

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