“Mr. Holmes” Review

Pulling on the Push Door

Mr._Holmes_posterGenre films find most of their value and merit in transcending their respective genre, using it as a launching point, a familiar and comfortable language with which to convey far greater meaning. Interstellar succeeds because it is just as much a family drama, a tale of one man’s love for his daughter, as it is a deep-space adventure. The Thin Red Line haunts viewers because though it follows war film conventions it places primary emphasis on the metaphysical and spiritual longings of the men fighting the battle of Guadalcanal. In the same vein, Mr. Holmes, while technically a mystery, finds its true power as a sobering and touching reflection on a great man’s inexorable march towards death. As one critic astutely observed, in the midst of a summer season typically committed to making superheroes into immortal figures, Bill Condon’s powerful little film is too busy reminding us of…

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