Rebel Wilson Urged The U.S. To Adopt Australia’s Gun Control Laws, And Twitter Reacted



The Lafayette Trainwreck theater shooting, which left three dead and many more wounded, has left the nation in shock and looking for answers. Former Texas Governor Rick Perry believes the solution is to allow theater patrons to carry guns. Perry used the issue to spur on his presidential campaign and appeal to voters who embrace the 2nd amendment.

Rebel Wilson believes differently. She hopes that the United States will consider adopting the gun laws of her native Australia. The Aussie government took action in the wake of the 1996 Port Arthur massacre, in which Martin Bryant killed 35 people (and wounded 23 others) in a killing spree. In only a few minutes, Bryant secured his place in history as the worst mass-murderer in recorded Australian history.

Australia’s National Firearms Agreement now outlaws pump-action shotguns, along with automatic and semi-automatic rifles. Rebel feels a similar law is the…

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