Monday Cinema Club: Deadpool: A Typical Tuesday (2012)


Deadpool-A-Typical-Tuesday-2012Synopsis: Marvel’s popular crimson assassin has been hired to kill a specific target, kill the man get the cash. The problem is, he’s not the only one who was hired.


  • Trevor Garner  …Deadpool
  • Chris Burns…Bullseye
  • James Farlow…Henchman 1
  • Keith Brooks…Henchman 2
  • Eric Vence Green…Dock Worker (as Eric Green)
  • Digger Chambers…Dock Worker (as Curtis ‘Digger’ Chambers)
  • Jevocas Green…Dock Worker / Hydra Guard
  • David James Davidson…Dock Worker / Hydra Guard
  • Steven K. Greer…Cuddle Puddle Cuddler
  • Ace Harney…Dock Worker / Hydra Guard
  • Secret Harris…Domino
  • Brandon Heaton…Dock Worker
  • Sterfaski Hines…Dock Worker
  • Anthony McHie…Dr. Whiters
  • Jay Peterson…Slim Jim
  • John Prew…Hydra Guard
  • Frank Saggese…Dock Worker
  • Pete Saggese…Dock Worker
  • Christopher Sailor…Cuddle Puddle Cuddler
  • Tyler Sutherland…Dock Worker / Hydra Guard
  • Zachary Vaudo…Dock Worker

Directed By: Keith Brooks

Written By: Keith Brooks and Trevor Garner

Run Time: 17:25

If you love Deadpool, then I bet you are dying to see Ryan Reynolds portray…

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