Movie Review: Mission:Impossible Rogue Nation (’15 Christopher McQuarrie)

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Is this the best from the Mission film? No. But it wasn’t even near the worst. Rogue Nation made it feel like the film we used to love with a Mission film. The sleek production, thrilling pacing and cohesive writing worked for me big time. It was engaging, entertaining and fun. The film allows the characters to be characters and not just actors doing action stunts. The script had a hint of hilarity and sarcasm which made it more compelling. Sure it wasn’t like a groundbreaking storytelling but it felt connected. It felt fresh even without trying. Plus, the action stuff was just on the spot thrilling. Mission:Impossible Rogue Nation is action filled and entertaining piece that I genuinely enjoyed! 8

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Mid-year box office check 2015

The Measured Circle

Mid-year box office check 2015

We’ve gone through six months of the year, so it’s a good time to look at how the box office is going (based on movies released in the USA through the end of June).

It’s entirely possible that this year will have the largest dogro (domestic gross) to date (not adjusted for inflation), especially since there are some really big movies yet to come.

Breaking it down, what do we see?

Jennifer Lopez is a movie star

That might not be the lead in stories you’ll see in other publications about this year at the movies, but the success of The Boy Next Door is staggering, and largely due to J.Lo.

Oh, I’m sure some of you want to jump in and say that Chris Pratt is a bigger star.

Well, The Boy Next Door has a dogro of $35.4m on a reported production budget…

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Movie Review: Mission Impossible Rogue Nation (2015) *Spy vs. Spy Fun*

Killing Time

Mission Impossible Rogue Nation, Ethan Hunt, Tom CruiseMission: Impossible is a unique franchise.  It has been around for 20 years, yet only produced 5 films.  Each film has had a different director.  Each installment, with a few small exceptions, stands more or less on its own.  Most franchises suffer diminishing returns as they age.  After a mixed first two films, MI produced two of the best spy/action-adventure films made in the last 25 years.  Surely that was it.  The fun was done.  Director Christopher McQuarrie, Tom Cruise and company may not have turned in an installment as legendary as the previous two, but Holy Moses this is a fun film!  If I could end this introduction by having my post self-destruct in five seconds, I am totally amped to do that…..however even if I figured it out, I’m fairly certain that would be international cybercrime……

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Avengers: Age of Ultron

Mr miles reviews

Hey everyone! So I’ve been gone for quite some time now but now I’m back and ready to go! My next review is Avengers: Age of Ultron! *spoiler alerts* So if you haven’t already seen this movie, it follows after the events of the first Avengers movies and brings back familiar faces from the Marvel universe. It follows Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, Captain America and others on a fight to defeat Ultron who is a robot created by Tony Stark himself. Ultron was initially created to defend humans but Ultron gives himself the opposite purpose and sees humans as flawed that need to be destroyed. The avengers come together to defeat Ultron and go their separate ways again. *whew* Summary over, time to review!

Here’s the truth. For me, this movie was just plain underwhelming. While it was great to see the team back together again, one can’t help but…

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