Trainwreck – Movie Review

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“Monogamy isn’t realistic!”

Sitting down to watch Trainwreck, I did not really know what to expect. I did not watch the trailer beforehand (which I admit, I usually do, but that’s a whole other issue.) All I knew was that Judd Apatow was the director and what I could infer from the poster. This was going to be, at its heart, a romantic comedy and coming from Apatow, probably an especially funny one.

Well, Apatow does not disappoint. However, the one who deserves a lot of credit here, is Amy Schumer, who not only stars in the movie, but she also wrote it. As someone who only really knew her previously from her show Inside Amy Schumer on Comedy Central, I was very surprised. Her style, at least on her show, was never really my thing and I kind of wrote her off… Wasn’t a big fan.

This movie…

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Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation: Film Review

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By my count Tom Cruise’s agent Ethan Hunt should have died at least four times in Mission: Impossible- Rogue Nation – that is just how ridiculous the stunts have become in the franchise. I never expected the films to reach this number and I’m never blown away by them (except the 1996 original) but they are still entertaining and Tom Cruise is a brilliant action hero.

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