Fant4stic (2015 Review)


The fantastic 4 have not had a good run when it comes to movies. Their first attempt in the 1990’s was made purely so Fox could keep the property rights and was never meant to be released. The second and most well known film from 2005 and its sequel in 2007 may be entertaining for kids but are generally seen to be not that good. And now we come to the 2015 version of Marvel’s first family. From the start Fantastic 4 (or Fant4stic) was just a mess with rewrites and reshoots taking place when the film should have been in the editing suite. Director Josh Trank was even said to have been destructive on set.

Instead of following the origin of the previous film, Fant4stic takes the characters away from space and into another dimension which is accessed through the combined efforts of Reed Richards (Miles Teller) and Victor…

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