Review: “Fantastic Four” (2015)

Fantastic Four posterFantastic Four (2015)

Synopsis: Inspired by the Ultimate Fantastic Four comics, Josh Trank (Chronicle) co-wrote and directed this origin story reboot of the Fantastic Four franchise. Reed Richard (Miles Teller), Ben Grimm (Jamie Bell), Susan Storm (Kate Mara), her brother Johnny (Michael B. Jordan) work on an experimental teleportation device that leads to an alternate and dangerous world. Contact with the strange new space alters their physical forms, giving them strange powers and abilities. As the four learn to control their new abilities, Earth becomes endangered by a former friend turned enemy, Victor Von Doom (Toby Kebbell).

Film Review: There’s a lot about this film that’s been said, specifically on the negative reviews and numerous stories about what went on during filming. This review won’t divulge completely into the drama that went on behind the scenes, but simply focus on the opinions of…

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