REVIEW: Unfantastic Four

Tales from the Empire State

The Fantastic Four reboot was a movie we neither needed nor deserved, as 20th Century Fox managed to take a much-loved Marvel franchise and make it worse. Here be spoilers!

Source: 20th Century Fox UK/YouTube Source: 20th Century Fox UK/YouTube

Reed Richards (Miles Teller) is a lanky, socially awkward science whiz who discovers a prototype teleporter for inter-dimensional travel from his garage at the age of eight. Ben Grimm is his gangly sidekick from the wrong side of town. Sue Storm is the adopted daughter of an influential scientist also researching inter-dimensional travel, while Johnny Storm is his estranged biological son.

There was little effort made in forming coherent character expositions and the storyline was rushed faster than a bullet train. Reed goes from the wide-eyed eight year old to an awkward teenager in matter of minutes and within the hour sets off on an inter-dimensional travel with his gangly bunch of misfits.

20th Century Fox UK/YouTube Source:…

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