Jason Bateman Says People Just Weren’t Interested In Watching ‘Horrible Bosses 2’

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Jason Bateman is all about keeping things honest. In a new interview, the actor gets real about his film, Horrible Bosses 2, being a flop.

Speaking with Marc Maron on WTF Podcast, Bateman spoke candidly about his experience making the film, which served as a follow-up to 2011’s successful Horrible Bosses.

“The second one was garbage as far as box office goes. Who knows whether it was on the same merits or when they released it, but it did not make any money,” said Bateman, as reported by The Hollywood Reporter.

The comedic actor even went as far as to joke that the audience who went to see the first Horrible Bosses film was actually to blame for the sequel getting made.

“Don’t go out and buy a bunch of tickets for the first one unless you want a second one because we don’t have any discipline in…

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