The inevitable implosion of Chris Farley

National Post

An elephant who could balance on the tip of a beach ball. A heedless life of the party who would do anything for a laugh, but who was almost crippled by an unshakeable insecurity. A warm, overflowing puddle of love who wasn’t above drowning it entirely in waves of booze, cocaine and heroin.

It’s not that Chris Farley was such a bundle of outrageous contradiction. It was that he exploded through every change, a big bang of limitless energy that took him from invisible point to everything in the universe at light speed.

In I Am Chris Farley, the rose-coloured documentary that finally debuts in Canada this weekend, it becomes abundantly clear that the Farley we saw on Saturday Night Live was the same man who prowled around outside the frame. And not just in his ability to flip a switch, but in his inability to not be the most charismatic…

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