Disney’s ‘Double Dribble’ Short Film From The ’40s Is Kind Of About Basketball


If your childhood was anything like mine, and let’s hope that it wasn’t, you watched an awful lot of TV. Not just at home, but in school too, thanks to teachers who were way more inclined to let AV tools teach a class than use their own words. “Let Me Google That For You” wasn’t actually in place, but the notion was still in its infancy even before the internet allowed us to be so lazy we use it to add, subtract, check the weather, and (probably) tell time.

One of the things we watched in gym way back when, was Goofy’s wonderful guide to basketball, a Disney short called “Double Dribble.” I hadn’t watched or even thought about this film in lord knows how long, so legit props to the Redditors for unearthing a YouTube copy of it uploaded in 2006.
Goofy basketball

It’s got all the prerequisites for a good Disney…

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