Iron Man 3

Ink of Blood

Iron Man 3

(This review may contain spoilers).

As I recall, I saw the second and third Iron Man movies when they were showing at the cinema. I just watched the third one again today.

First of all… I think Robert Downey Junior is amazing as Iron Man. There’s a good way of humour and seriousness in the way he plays the role. And this movie was particularly good in that it showed the after-effects of what Tony had gone through in Avengers Assemble. He comes across as more human than Thor or even Captain America and I felt a lot of sympathy for him when he was suffering through the panic attacks.

I liked the opportunity to see Tony before he became Iron Man and how his priorities had shifted so much. While I wasn’t especially keen on the narration style aspect of the movie, it did offer a glimpse into Tony’s…

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