On This Date September Cults and Classics

Cult Crap and Classics

Well time has come to write this movie blog. Every month, and I slacked all the way to this point, but here it is. What a list we have. Probably the best list yet! And if you haven’t seen any of these yet please do, make a watch list and do work!

Eraserhead: September 28, 1977 Arguably the best cult movie of all time. And to some people it is not an argument, it is without question the best of all time. The third time was a charm for this to sit right with me. I felt it’s art and expression more so the first and second time and by the third time I just gave up trying to follow the plot, because it is almost impossible. Please don’t even try it is just such a subjective taste that it runs different for everyone. For that Fincher you are a…

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