My weekend plans are a-changin’

The Nerds Uncanny

I haven’t gone to the movies since August when I saw the monstrosity known as “Fantastic Four.” I guess that movie scarred me more than I thought, and I just haven’t been able to walk into a theatre since.

Okay, I’m exaggerating a bit there. Truth is there haven’t been any moves out there that I really wanted to see, not until this week that is. My plan for this weekend had been to catch “The Martian” on Friday, then “Sicario” on Saturday. Good plan right?

I thought it was, but now a hurricane named Joaquin is pushing a ton of rain my way, we’re talking of possible double-digit inches of the stuff, which means, no movies this weekend.

Damn you rain! Damn you Joaquin Phoenix!

So anywho, “The Martian” and “Sicario” will have to wait another week. For now, I’ll have to console myself with Netflix and my dvd…

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