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The Perfect Guy tells a story of a successful and professional woman named Leah who, after breaking up with her boyfriend, Dave, of 2 years, got involved with a man who she thought was the perfect guy and things got terrifying when Carter became violent and psychotic.

It was an awfully waste of time watching this movie as I have seen this kind of plot and twist in movies like Fatal Attraction, Enough, Obsessed, Stepfather, The Boy Next Door, etc. It was a thriller movie but not a single scene thrilled me off my seat. Everything in this movie was just plain cliches and very predictable. The concluding scene lacked grittiness and coercion to compel me to give my support to Leah for seeking justice and revenge or maybe because the ending is too predictable that I didn’t care much of the result.

The only redeeming factor for this movie is the effective…

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The Perfect Guy (2015) – Personal Movie Review

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