What I Learned From Watching “The Incredibles” Movie

Everest John Alexander

What I Learned About Pursuing Purpose and Family Life From “The Incredibles” Movie

The Incredibles MovieThe Incredibles is on my short list of the top 10 best Superhero movies ever made!

Here’s why…

Through the lives and experiences of each of the main characters I have learnt some very valuable life lessons which I will share with you.

The Husband

Through the character, Mr. Incredible I learnt the importance of being true to your purpose and following through on your dream in the face of seemingly insurmountable obstacles.

He was a superhero. That is what he was.

He wasn’t a superhero simply because he had super strength. The enhanced strength just made him super but he was already a hero on the inside.

This is evident because even when the government outlawed superheroes he and Frozone still found a way to go out there night after night and help people at their…

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