Movie Madness – Everest


non-spoilery ramblery  (+ previous Movie Madness posts)

I didn’t even know there was going to be a film about Everest. I just saw the trailer when I went to see, umm The Scorch Trials was it?, and thought it looked cool.

everest_xlgI’ve seen one mountain climbing film before this, I think I was twelve or something, and I have to admit that I got a bit traumatised. xD Being the anxious person that I am, a tense movie about people in secluded extreme conditions who struggle to breathe is not the most relaxing experience.

So I was kind of anxious already before the movie started. And it had me on the edge of my seat the whole two hours. But surprisingly it wasn’t an unpleasant experience. I really enjoyed this movie and it has stayed with me long after I saw it.

I can’t really explain why. Everest…

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