The Martian Review

Howlin' At The Movie

Sorry this review took so long, been busy with stuff, moving on. So, The Martian. I had read the book to this prior to seeing the movie and knew pretty much what to expect, and I will bring up some points from the book, so minor spoilers from the book. Moving on, the movie was very good, my biggest concern was that it would mimic Interstellar and Gravity, it didn’t though. This was an entertaining survival movie and had a good amount of humor that didn’t ruin it (Age of Ultron, still not over that). There was maybe 4 main actors in the movie, and they all did a fantastic job. Matt Damon did a good job as Mark, he was supposed to be smart as hell, and maintain a level head for the most part, while throwing around some humor. Granted there are some minor jokes and plot points…

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