The Visit



M. Night Shyamalan the director probably gets too much shit from the general public.

M. Night Shyamalan the writer wholeheartedly deserves everything thrown at his head.

The Village and Lady in the Water were ungood. I can’t force myself to watch The Last Airbender or After Earth. But until my last breath, I will defend The Happening. Those who attempt to categorize The Happening as one of the worst movies ever made have no sense of fun and need to stop taking themselves too serious. The Happening was definitely dumb, but it managed to be entertaining.

The fatal flaw with The Happening was casting Mark Wahlberg as someone with a shred of intelligence. Marky Mark is perfect when playing the stupid manchild who never grew up. Trying to pass Mark Wahlberg off as even a high school science teacher is an unforgivable mistake. Listening to him fumble through science speak…

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