Weekend Box Office: Ridley Scott back with “The Martian”


The release of Ridley Scott’s adaptation of the sci-fi novel “The Martian” marks the third outer-space set box office hit in the same number of years. Back in 2013, Gravity broke the October box office record with a $55.7M debut, on it’s way to over $270M domestically. A year later, Interstellar opened to $49M and totaling nearly $190M stateside. Both of these films exceeded $650M worldwide, and Gravity nearly made it to $750M. The Martian continues this trend in 2015 with a stellar $55M debut, only $0.7M short of Gravity’s October record.

It is worth noting however, that when actuals come in Monday afternoon, it is entirely possible that 20th Century Fox underestimated their film’s Sunday box office hold, and figures could potentially go up giving The Martian the October record. But as it stands, the film is the second largest opening weekend ever in October. This is a very impressive…

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