The Martian – movie review

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Perhaps the most impressive aspect of Ridley Scott’s latest cinematic masterpiece, The Martian, is how much it manages to achieve with what’s essentially a pretty plain premise. Interplanetary botanist Mark Watney is stranded on the nearby red world and needs to live long enough to catch a ride home. It’s so simple that it could well have been mundane, but instead it has ended up being perhaps the best theatrical undertaking of 2015 so far.
Sci-fi aside, this is one of the most compelling character dramas that has graced the screen in a very long time. The set-up is straightforward from the start. It begins mid-mission without any need for a complicated or convoluted backstory. The protagonist and his peers are already on Mars, it doesn’t matter why or when. It could be now or it could be in twenty years’ time. The specifics of the scenario are not what’s important, which…

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Box Office Predictions: October 9-11

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October rolls along at the box office as family friendly Pan debuts while The Walk expands and critically approved thriller 99 Homes opens in more limited fashion. You can read my detailed prediction posts on Pan and The Walk right here:

Pan has been the subject of many negative reviews and it doesn’t help that Hotel Transylvania 2 should still be playing quite well with its intended audience in weekend #3. That leads me to predict that the Peter Pan story will only manage a third place showing out of the gate. The Walk actually had a fairly disappointing roll out in its limited IMAX release and I have it doing low double digits for a fourth place premiere. 99 Homes with Andrew Garfield and Michael Shannon is only opening on approximately 500 screens. It’s flying under the radar and I have it pegged for a gross of…

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