Classic Review – The Town that Dreaded Sundown (1976)

Jordan and Eddie (The Movie Guys)

The Town that Dreaded Sundown advertising

The Town that Dreaded Sundown

Directed by Charles B. Pierce (The Legend of Boggy Creek)

Starring Ben Johnson, Andrew Prine, Dawn Wells

Review by Jordan

The Town that Dreaded Sundown is a standout thriller with historical significance than employs an assortment of filmic techniques with varying levels of success. There are unexpected bouts of slow-motion shooting and attempts at slapstick humour that show its age, but overshadowing these strange inclusions is a feeling of anarchic terror born from a villain whose identity is as much a mystery as his motives.

Released in 1976, two years after Black Christmas introduced the slasher and two years before Halloween defined it, Charles B. Pierce’s film is lawless in its direction and plot, frequently breaking the soon-to-be defined rules of suspense and melding horror with a period setting and documentary like narration to accompany it’s intent on being based on a true American case.

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