Movie Review: The Vatican Tapes

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ET00026314Films based on possession come out nearly every year, while most never live up to the standard of the ones which started the genre, they all usually end up being watchable. Exorcist movies have lost its freshness over the years due to the fact that almost every single one of them is exactly the same and trying to be “realistic”, but it’s just a nonsensical excuse from these filmmakers who lack creativity and try to be scary. But not all of them, of course, suffer with that case. Possession films in the past such as The Exorcism of Emily Rose (2005) have proved to be sick, and manage to freak out the audience with the display of its demonic possession. In recent times, PG-13 possession films have proved to be quite sick, and perhaps good as well. However this possession film ends up in the low watchable meter due to…

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