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The film’s main protagonist, Jay, is an attractive, suburban girl, portrayed in a convincing way by Maika Monroe (The Guest), who has a new man in her life, Hugh (Jake Weary), or so she thinks. After several dates, and some advances on Hugh’s part, Jay has sex with him, in his car. Afterward, while Jay is lying on her stomach, on the back seat, talking about dating fantasies she had as a child, Hugh, inexplicably comes up from behind her, and places a chloroformed rag over her face. When Jay wakes up, she is in an abandoned building, tied to a chair. Hugh, assures her that he is not going to hurt her. He lets her know he is sorry that he had to take the actions that he did, but she was his only chance for escape. Escape from what, a viewer might ask at that point. The…

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Marvel News: Ant-Man Sequel Announced, Plus 3 New Unnamed Marvel Movies

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We all knew that we would be getting a sequel to Ant-Man, but it looks like we now have an official confirmation. They also announced three more movies with Ant-Man that we can expect over the next 5 years – other than the long lineup that was announced previously.

In case you were worried there weren’t going to be enough Marvel movies coming out in the next five years, put those weird and unfounded phobias on the back burner because Marvel Studios has announced four new films we didn’t already know about, including giving Paul Rudd’s Ant-Man a sequel. That movie, entitled Ant-Man and the Wasp, will feature Scott Lang and Hope Van Dyne (Evangeline Lilly, probably) doing some kind of fighting that involves being shrunk way down. This marks the first time in the MCU that a female hero gets her name in the title.

“But Kyle,” you…

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Ben Affleck’s Batman had to be a hulking ‘tower of muscle,’ says costume designer

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Ben Affleck’s Batman had to be a hulking ‘tower of muscle,’ says costume designer

The new Batman that will be introduced in next year?s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice isn?t exactly a kinder, gentler version of the hero. Ben…

Published on October 9, 2015 at 12:06PM

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31 Days of Horror: The Amityville Asylum (NR; 2013; 91 min)

Tanya Konerman, Author

amityville asylum

I am so happy, dear viewer, to save you from wasting 1 -1/2 hours of your life by telling you to run far, far away from this B-level “horror” movie. No, wait. That’s insulting to B movies! Let’s just say: don’t bother wasting your time or money.

Drawn in by the lure of the Amityville franchise, I didn’t exactly have high hopes for this movie set at the High Hopes Psychiatric Hospital, but thought I might get at least a good scare or two. What I endured instead was a slow, tedious, foreign knock-off with terrible acting, weird POV shots, and a plot out of Horror 101.

Annoying: we are supposed to believe the H.H. Hospital was recently built and opened at the sight of the Amityville Horror house in New York. However, every character in the movie minus one speaks in an undeniable foreign accent (plus, one annoying girl…

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