“It Follows”

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The film’s main protagonist, Jay, is an attractive, suburban girl, portrayed in a convincing way by Maika Monroe (The Guest), who has a new man in her life, Hugh (Jake Weary), or so she thinks. After several dates, and some advances on Hugh’s part, Jay has sex with him, in his car. Afterward, while Jay is lying on her stomach, on the back seat, talking about dating fantasies she had as a child, Hugh, inexplicably comes up from behind her, and places a chloroformed rag over her face. When Jay wakes up, she is in an abandoned building, tied to a chair. Hugh, assures her that he is not going to hurt her. He lets her know he is sorry that he had to take the actions that he did, but she was his only chance for escape. Escape from what, a viewer might ask at that point. The…

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