Wash the “Pan”

Roshambo Saves Lives

So, this is the “other” movie Thing 1 and I went to last weekend. I was giddy to go; I’d grown up with both Disney’s Peter Pan, the 1991 movie Hook and the 2003 Peter Pan. Plus, I like a good Hugh Jackman film (I’m not sure they could’ve cast anyone else as Wolverine).


The premise is simple: how did a boy named Peter become Peter Pan? I could tell you the answer, but that would be spoilerific.

*hint* It’s not as earth shattering as it could’ve been.

*side note* I’ve previously stated that while I enjoy CGI, I don’t enjoy a movie that is CGI driven as opposed to plot driven.

And away we go!!!!

Just typing that quote from the original movie made me sad because there was an extraordinary potential for greatness in this “prequel.” Newcomer Levi Miller, playing the main role, was the highlight…

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