Karsten Kares

Wow… I can’t believe my parents were in the kitchen while I watched this.

To describe how I felt after watching this movie would be really hard. Something along the lines of what did I just watched mixed with that was so terrible, all while laughing my ass off the entire time. Team America is essentially a critique of the ‘Murica! mentality. Instead of going in and being the super hero people think America is this team goes in and destroys everything in a given area (like the pyramids in Egypt which the movie subtitles as Cairo, Middle East of America). A long with this critique comes a lot of super over the top humor and super racist jokes so if your not down for that avoid this movie at all cost. Team-America

Let’s get started with the first scene of the movie. It opens in France. Everyone’s having a great…

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Team America World Police Movie Review: 9/11 times 1000.

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