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This week: the past takes on present-day releases, the long-suffering Paranormal Activity franchise gets another movie, and a Vancouver-made film is my Flashback Friday recommendation.

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Movie Review: St. Vincent

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Released: 10/24/14

Casting makes a big difference in how good a movie is (or isn’t.)  St. Vincent is a prime example of a movie that is completely made by good casting.  Vincent is an alcoholic, acerbic, a–hole.  In no way is this character likable, except for one tiny detail – Vincent is played by Bill Murray.  It’s impossible to hate Bill Murray, because when you see him, you laugh – even when he is playing a giant sourpuss.

Maggie (Melissa McCarthy) and her son, Oliver, move next door to Vincent.  When Oliver loses his keys to his house to a bully, he goes to Vincent for help.  Vincent is reluctant to help, but, desperate for money, he agrees on the condition that Maggie pays him babysitting money.  This becomes a permanent gig for Vincent and he teaches Oliver how to gamble and fight, feeds him sardines from a can, and…

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