Movie Review: Vacation

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vacation_ver7_xlgAfter Mad Max: Fury Road looks we have another 30 year old franchise making a comeback in the form of a sequel/ reboot to National Lampoon‘s Vacation franchise. I am a big fan of the original Vacation (yet gracefully ignored the three sequels) and 80’s comedy in general. There was something fresh and unique about those comedies and how “raunchy” they were for the time. And I happen to think we saw some of the most brilliant comedians during that decade and whether you all agree or not, Chevy Chase was part of that. He had an indelible comedic timing and his doofus, klutzy and lovable Clark Griswold was a legend. So I was cautiously optimistic about a reboot of this franchise. The concept made sense and the cast sounded good for a new generation and being a fan of the situational comedic timing of Ed Helms, I…

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