Interstellar… a Truly INCREDIBLE Movie with Music That Makes You Want To Go Do Something EPIC in Slow Motion

classic lilac

This movie. GAH. THIS MOVIE.  I’m going to need to watch it again to really give a good review, but dang. IT IS INCREDIBLE.  Now, I do NOT want to hear any “I haven’t seen it because it’s too long… three hours is a LONG TIME.” ………….. I’m not even going to comment on that. NOT RELEVANT.  I saw Interstellar in IMAX and cannot describe how visually beautiful and perfect the movie seemed in that heavenly theater.  It was mind-blowing. SOOO worth the extra $6.  Christopher Nolan is a cinematic genius.  If you ever desire for a good movie, pick up ANY of his and I guarantee you will be entertained {um Inception, The Dark Knight, The Prestige…etc}.  I have so much to say about Nolan’s genius, but I’ll save it for another post.  You can ask my roommate, I was excited {cough…obsessed} about Interstellar the SECOND I saw the

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